The MOT is a regular examination of the condition of cars and light commercial vehicles in mainland Britain. It is required annually on all vehicles over three years old with one or two very minor exceptions small breakdown trucks is one example.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the MOT cost ?

VOSA (Vehicle Operating Services Agency ) set a recommended figure for performing a test. This is based on national average times required to perform the vehicle examination. The current recommended price for an MOT test is £54.85 for motor cars (Class IV)

Why do some garages charge less than £54.85?

Youngs Garage charge £53.00 for the MOT. A properly conducted test takes around one hour and involves the services of a highly experienced tester and testing equipment. We are able to meet these costs using the recommended charging fees of VOSA and not having to rely on potential repair work resulting from the MOT.

Also Note We don’t charge for Re tests and minor adjustments such as headlamp alignment labour for fitting bulbs, wiper blades or topping up screen wash is FREE. Some “Discount” MOT Stations have been known to charge £15-00 for such labour.

I’ve just bought a car that has had an MOT so it must be OK ?

The MOT test is a minimum inspection of a vehicle to allow it to be used on the highway. The MOT inspection checks parts of the vehicle deemed essential for basic road safety and environmental emissions. 

It does not for example check that you have antifreeze in your cooling system or that the oil in your engine hasn’t turned to chocolate. On more serious safety issues it does not for example check the condition of the brake fluid in your braking system. 

All that is checked is the performance of the brakes, a check is made for leaks and for corrosion of the braking system and for the minimum wear limits on the brake pads or linings if they can be observed. Old brake fluid will contain water which significantly depresses the boiling point of the brake fluid that can lead in extended use to brake fade or system failure. THE MOT is a minimum standard all cars on the road should be at. There is no substitute for a sensible servicing program for your vehicle.

Why is there a variation in prices for retesting and why do I have to leave my vehicle at the garage for a free retest ?

The rules on retesting are set by VOSA. certain failures can be attended to immediately by the garage and not incur a retest fee (This is known as a pass repair) For example your vehicle fails its MOT due to a defective brake light. It is repaired by fitting new lamp bulb. In this instance the the garage can pass repair the vehicle and you collect the vehicle with your MOT certificate and pay for the MOT and the repair only.

More involved failures such as a suspension ball joint involve a full re-inspection of the vehicle following the repair. In this instance the retest fee applies. This is applicable if the vehicle remains on the garage premises and is repaired and re inspected within a 10 day period. The cost of the retest fee is set as a maximum of half the full fee (Set by VOSA). Garages obtaining the repair work often absorb this fee. Remember you ONLY get one retest allowed by VOSA. After that it is a Full new test (So make sure the repairs are done correctly to avoid another £50 bill !!!)

My test has run out can I drive my car ?

In short no. A Vehicle may not be driven on the highway if it should have a current MOT and doesn’t have one. The exception is when driving the vehicle to an MOT testing station for a PRE-BOOKED test. If booking your vehicle in for a test and your test has expired remember to let us know that your test has expired so that we can ensure we have your name and vehicle registration details on our MOT appointment schedule. A police officer could still report you however if he believes your vehicle is in a dangerously un-roadworthy condition even if you have booked your vehicle in for MOT. (You have 4 bald tyres and your exhaust is hanging off the car) In this instance contact us for advice and we will if necessary recover you to the garage or suggest you contact Roger Windley’s (local vehicle dismantler). This is why you should keep your vehicle regularly serviced.

My MOT runs out in less than one month can I bring it for test now ?

Yes. When you are issued your MOT certificate it will be dated from when your current MOT Expires. (thereby ensuring you don’t lose any MOT certificate time that you have already paid for ) It also means that you have a little more time to get any repairs that may be necessary attended to whilst you still have current MOT.

I have an MOT that runs out in 15 days . I have just had my car tested and it has failed on a worn suspension joint can I drive the car ?

This is a tricky one. On the one hand you still have a valid MOT certificate. You now however have a VT30 (certificate of refusal). To knowingly drive a defective vehicle on the public highway is a criminal offence. Were you to wipe out a bus queue in an accident having just found out you vehicle was defective would take some explaining to the Judge !! The real answer again is to try and synchronize your servicing with your MOT thereby ensuring that failure points are picked up and attended to prior to the MOT. At Youngs Garage we have a courtesy car that is available for customers to allow them to continue their personal business whilst their vehicle is in for repair. The vehicle is in on a first come first served basis and is subject to certain restrictions