Customer Courtesy Car

At Youngs Garage we provide a courtesy car for our customers. This allows many of our customers to get their vehicle serviced at a time that is convenient to them and ourselves without having to arrange transport or lifts to work or trying to arrange servicing on a weekend . Week end servicing is always limited as we only put on a limited staff for around five hours on a Saturday. The parts suppliers are not able to supply us as efficiently as during the week.

We use a Mondeo diesel manual as we find it to be the best compromise for most customers in terms of size and fuel economy whilst having low running costs to the garage.

The vehicle is available on a discretionary basis on a first come first served basis.

  • The driver must hold a full licence,
  • Be over 21 and is responsible for the first £600 of damage in the event of an accident.
  • The driver will be on the garage insurance policy whilst in charge of the vehicle
  • The vehicle is supplied full of fuel and is refilled upon its return.
  • The customer pays only for the fuel used.
  • In view of the changes in law in England it is now prohibited to smoke in the courtesy car.Evidence of smoking in the vehicle will result in a charge for cleaning the vehicle,
  • A record of who is responsible for the vehicle is retained and a customers details will be produced to a police officer on request.