Full Service

The Annual Service or Full Service is a comprehensive inspection and replacement of manufacturers filters and fluids in accordance with your vehicle manufacturers recommendations. (Annual Service can be misleading. Many modern cars servicing intervals mean that an average mileage motorist could go 18 months or more between services.) We recommend that your vehicle is serviced at least once per year to ensure that it maintains its reliability. 


Garages offering Servicing for £99 or even less are not going to be carrying out a FULL Service on your vehicle. The old adage “You get what you pay for” applies here. An oil change, top up fluids and a quick check of the lights is the most you are likely to receive for this money. We don’t operate a mechanic “bonus system” whereby mechanics are encouraged to “find problems”. If your vehicle has faults we will discuss with you your options and advise you on your way forward based on your vehicle usage, the fault the value of the vehicle and how long you are likely to keep the vehicle.

Key Service Points

  • Oil Flush (SOL-X) (Many Franchise dealers don’t even bother with a Flush !!)
  • Oil & filter change
  • Fuel filter (Change based on miles since previous change)
  • Fuel Treatment (SOL-X Dual Fuel Hyper Clean)
  • Strip and free off Front and Rear Brake assemblies
  • Check operation of all electrical components (including lights)
  • Renew inspect and replace as necessary air and pollen filters
  • Reset Service Light
  • Completion of a service report sheet and report on tyres and brakes ,engine efficiency, antifreeze and brake fluid.
  • Stamp up of vehicle service book

How can you help us?

  • Ensure your service book is in the vehicle so we can stamp up your book
  • Report faults either when you book in your vehicle for the service or leave a list of faults on a note in the car
  • Our technicians are not mind readers !! if your car has a whistling noise from the window on the motorway tell the technician as he’s unlikely to detect this through normal inspection and any test drive will not include motorway driving.

Service Key Benefits

  • Maintaining your vehicle and your investment
  • Ensuring you have an expert review of your vehicle to ensure that it is performing safely, efficiently and reliably
  • Ensuring that when you come to sell / part exchange your vehicle you are able to realise its maximum resale value


Full or Annual Service Labour
£80+ Parts
Oil Service Labour
£30+ Parts and oil
Winter service check Labour