An Oil Service is very useful if you are:

  • Laying up a vehicle for example over the winter.
  • A high mileage motorway driver using an oil service as an intermediate service.
  • We recommend as a minimum you change your oil at least once a year even if ” The computer in your car doesn’t think you need to !!”

Caution. Do not be tempted to stretch full vehicle servicing by only having oil services.

Key Service Points

  • Oil Flush SOL-X (a premium engine flush designed to remove and neutralise harmful deposits built up in the engine) see 
  • Oil & filter change bullet Check all fluid levels and top up as necessary
  • Reset Service Light if applicable 
  • Visual inspection of vehicle completion of inspection sheet (Wheels are not removed as part of this service so brake condition cannot be fully determined) 
  • Report on tyres. 
  • Stamp up of vehicle service book

Want to know more about oil, what it does and what happens if you don’t change your oil then click here.

  • If you know what you need for a service ask to have a chat with one of our mechanics. They will give you options and guide you as to what you should attend to first based on your budget and how you use your vehicle.

How can you help us?

  • Ensure your service book is in the vehicle so we can stamp up your book 
  • Report faults either when you book in your vehicle for the service or leave a list of faults on a note in the car.


Full or Annual Service Labour
£80+ Parts
Oil Service Labour
£30+ Parts and oil
Winter service check Labour