Timing Belt (Normally referred to as a Cam-belt)

Key points to remember

  • You cannot tell when a Cambelt is about to break!!. Manufacturers therefore recommend a maximum age or mileage between changes. 
  • If you have bought an older vehicle perhaps with limited documented service history you should consider getting the cambelt changed. 
  • Increasingly manufacturers are resorting to the use of camshafts being driven by chains or directly by cam gears. 
  • We get around 5-10 cambelt failures per year on vehicles where the cambelt has not been changed. On an older vehicle this normally means a premature visit to the scrap yard as the engine repair /replacement will not be economically viable. 
  • A cambelt failure can easily mean that the customer is facing a bill from £500-£1500+ for major engine work /replacement 
  • If we have to put another engine in your car we will encourage you to change the cambelt on this replacement engine in any case so what have you saved by not changing your cambelt?

How much does a cambelt replacement cost ?

It is not possible to provide a definitive cost to all vehicles on this website .

(REMEMBER As a rule of thumb a cambelt replacement will cost between 5-10% of the cost of a replacement engine !!). Cost is determined by the labour time to change the cambelt and whether or not your vehicle needs just a cambelt or a cambelt service kit.

Service Kit

The service kit can include new oil seals as well as a new tensioner which is the critical component that ensures a cambelt maintains the correct tension and prevents the timing being changed which will affect running of the engine and possible catastrophic engine damage. Contact us for a quote. Although not essential some manufacturers recommend a new water pump is fitted when the cambelt is changed. Although it adds to the overall cost of the work it is often false economy not to change the pump at the same time as the new belt can accelerate water pump bearing wear leading to additional costs a short time later.

Cambelt Lock up tools

We carry lock up tools for most vehicles however on some vehicles that have a unique lock up tool or procedure we may decline to perform the cambelt service for you. In this instance we will provide you with a recommended specialist garage to take the vehicle to. (Some Manufacturers deliberately design their vehicle engines to require a unique specialist tool to lock the engine whilst performing the cambelt change. This is to make it more difficult or uneconomic for independant garages to provide this service.

 Timing Belt Facts and Myths