Air Conditioning 
Air Conditioning recharge and clean

Funny smell whenever you turn on your AC? Air conditioning systems can harbour a massive amount of bacteria throughout the system leading to those nasty odours.

During a recharge we can also use our specialised cleaners to kill the bacteria and eliminate the odour- not only will your car be cool and refreshing it will smell great! 

Get rid of that odour now for only £75.

AC recharge from £60


AC recharge & clean from £75

Air Conditioning recharge

Our trained technicians will check your air conditioning system for leaks or damage, they will then drain and recharge the system leaving your car cool and refreshed. All this for only £60!

Why should I have my air conditioning recharged?

Having your air con serviced keeps your car cool and keeps you alert and safe.

Not only does your air con keep your car cool but it acts as a dehumidifier, switch it on next time your car needs        demisting on a cold morning, your screen will clear so much faster!

Regular servicing of your air con system helps to maintain the mechanical components of the system, using the air con on the majority of your journeys will actually help keep the gas in longer! The seals around the ac system become brittle and crack over time if you don’t use it meaning the gas is more likely to escape.

We offer a fixed price of £60 for an AC recharge for cars 3-15 years old- it doesn’t cost the earth!

Your AC system will actually lose around 10% of it's gas annually, regular recharging and checking the system will ensure you aren't stuck in a hot car!


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